In case you haven’t noticed, is under renovation right now, as I am adding and expanding the parameters of what this blog represents and fortifies.

Every day, of every, of every month will bring you new access to fundamental truth grounded in the un-discussed or under acknowledged news of our world. 

As we are now approaching the one year anniversary of the EverythingShaquana beta launch, I am preparing for the official launch coming this April, and want to spend some time basking in what we’ve built together.

I am also prepping EverythingShaquana for a grander impact in 2015, with an assortment of new posts, ideas and communities that will propel my mission. In all, you can expect a whole lot of greatness from EverythingShaquana for the year 2015.

For starters, we have a new schedule for you all! You will learn more as you go along, but see below for a run down of what to expect on any given day of the year.

And make sure to stay tuned for all of the greatness and amazingness to come from the only place where the truth reigns supreme,!

Weekly Blog Schedule

Sunday: #OutspokenSundays

#OutspokenSundays feature me the one day a week, where I will speak what’s on my mind, as is, no filters, no apologies, no second guesses. The art of knowing when and where to speak, or the lack thereof, is as important, if not more important, than the actual art of speaking itself. Outspoken Sundays is about cultivating such an art of power; the art of speaking. As I grow to speak my truth into existence more and more, I will display that spoken word for #OutspokenSunday. 

Monday: #MotivationalMondays

Every Monday, we will present motivational books, films, music and people/ organizations/ ideas that are hoped to inspire your motivational drive. Every 4th Monday of the month, we will feature the ‘Daily Motivational Interviews’, where we will speak with all types of everyday people, finding out what drives their daily motivation.

Tuesday: #TellItTuesday

Short for #TellItLikeItIsTuesday, #TellItTuesday is all about bringing every elephant out of the closet. Every Tuesday will feature discussion and concepts related to race, gender, politics and reality television, particularly highlighting the things no one else seems to notice, discuss or bring attention to. 

Wednesday: #WomenCrushWednesday

#WomenCrushWednesdays at EverythingShaquana are all about anything and everything women! We are an incredible complexity of wonderment and amazingness, with so much of our true treasure, still undiscovered and under-appreciated. In such, every Wednesday we will discuss, glorify, sanctify and purify all things women. There will be interviews, guest posts, music, poems, books, film, television, links and quotes all related to women. 

Thursday: #HealthyLivingThursday & #ThrowbackThursday

Thursdays will feature different topics and posts all about the best tools, paths and plans for building and maintaining the healthiest life, possible. You will see the monthly Healthy Living Tool Kit Series, featuring healthy living discussions, concepts and recipes. You can also expect to see more from my ‘Through My Healing Series‘ and ‘Let’s Talk About Sex‘ series. In addition, every 4th Thursday of the month,  Healthy Living Thursdays will feature healing poetry.

Friday: #BlackFriday & #FlashbackFriday

#BlackFriday is pretty self-explanatory. It’s about all things Black, bold and beautiful. In addition, we will often pay homage to #FlashbackFriday by reminding the world of the rich history of Blackness throughout the world.

In lieu, of my purpose to propel the divine will of Spirit and universal truth, I am designating the 4th Friday of every month for Ancestral Libations. Paying homage to #FlashbackFriday, I will present words, in place of drops of liquid, as testament to the spirits that have and continue to, define the paths in which we lead.

Saturday: #SpiritualSaturday

Officially the last day of the week, and to many, also known as the Sabbath, Saturdays at EverythingShaquana are all about finding, communicating with and becoming in tune with spirit. Becoming grounded and centered with Spirit within and without is the most substantial and significant tool for any one person to attain. That ability and willingness is paramount to any potential for building, reconstructing or reinforcing anything necessary in life.

You can expect to see spiritual quotes from the Bible, the Qur’an and any other source of spiritual foundation throughout the world from the Dalai Lama to Mother Teresa. Every 4th Saturday will also feature an introspective look into my own thoughts, prayers of paths toward spiritual enlightenment.