EverythingShaquana is a movement. It is all about love, truth and righteousness. We’re beautiful on the inside and out, dope! First day of spring, amazing. New job, stupendous. Ice cream sundae, wonderful. Night on the town, stunning. Old age, fulfilling. Family fun, wholesome. Grassroots, grounded.

Common sense, good. Favorite food, tasteful. We’re EverythingShaquana! There are levels to this. Find out more on our Mission Statement. Our Welcome page. Our About Shaquana page. Our Contact page. And our Milestones page.  

I’m hoping that my goal to get each and every visitor to fall in love with EverythingShaquana in just one click, can be successful. It is my purpose here, to provide enough beauty, optimism, love and kind words via this master platform of a blog/ website, to make you want to bookmark it in your phone, tablet, computer or mind. 

In such, this is going to be the shortest, most non- descriptive About page ever! Haha! Hopefully, I’ve made you curious enough to look, poke and click around the site a bit. God willing, you’ll feel the positive vibes and loving energy, compelling you to stay a while longer or perhaps, come back to visit.

So, yep. You get no description on this about page. Just a bunch of words about nothing. Similar to everything else of “substance” in this mundane modern-day world and social order. If you want something more, you’ll have to search for it. Look a little harder. Open your eyes and close your mouth. You’ll have to click, poke and nose around.

Thus, I dare you. I dare you to figure out why the heck I am being so evasive on the one thing this page is supposed to represent, what this EverythingShaquana thing is all about. Just one click. That’s all it takes ;-). 

Welcome to the EverythingShaquana experience. Enjoy! 


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