CAUTION: This website contains content called, TRUTH. In such, anything within it may inflict feelings of awareness, reality, humanity and potentially, projection. Feel free to use the comments sections, forum discussions or contact boxes to share emotions of solidarity, understanding, confusion, sadness, etc. with myself and/ or the EverythingShaquana community.

Copyrights, Artistic Credit & All That Jazz

There’s a whole new level to this writing thing, in the cyber world. Once upon a time, people wrote for the sake of writing and put little to no thought into its distribution. There was little need for concern over artistic credit, as a writer was simply doing what God/ the Universe ordained them to do; write.

Imagine Michael Jordan copyrighting his jump shot. Or, Michael Vick copyrighting the dual threat quarterback position. Or Mariah Carey copyrighting her quintessential high note. Or Kirk Franklin copyrighting the fuse of gospel lyrics with mainstream beats and dance. It seems out-of-place, right? That’s how I feel about writing and copyrights. It’s beyond me. In fact, I believe much of the hype has become about money and appropriation of one another’s art, than about getting and giving credit at all.

Nonetheless, this is the world I live in. This is the world I write in. In such, I feel obliged in one way or another, to adhere to some level of these often sordid rules. For the sake of other artists, who are greatly concerned about getting their credit, maintaining their power over their art and anything in between, this disclaimer page is for you. As for myself and ©EverythingShaquana, I’ll keep it simple. You know what’s mine and more importantly, you know what’s yours.

So, it should go without saying that I better not see anyone plagiarizing my work. Seriously, I don’t play that! Outside of that, I’d appreciate credit for anything you like, love or even hate on this site, so much that you decide to share it. Nonetheless, what I write and create on here, comes from Him who sent me, not myself. Thus, I’m not caught up on it. At the end of the day, whether the world likes to acknowledge it or not, everything that’s done in the dark, will come to light. So, just live in the light folks. A’se!

Photo Credits

All photos posted on this website are property of ©EverythingShaquana, unless otherwise noted. 90% of photos posted originating from any source other than ©EverythingShaquana, were obtained from web sources via safe searches on Google Images.

All photos are marked with the website they originated from, in their description section. All photos posted directly on a post, are linked back to their originating website for photo credit. There is no intention of, nor willingness to discredit, infringe upon, or misuse any photos or art posted on ©EverythingShaquana.

All photos on EverythingShaquana.com, are readily available on the internet and believe to be in public domain. Images posted are believed to be published according to the U.S Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.).

©Copyright, ™Trademark, Artistic Credit Violation Claims

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