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JOIN the Movement at A platform for an interactive community of positive minded, peace seeking, unity building, love giving, universally and spiritually guided people, ideas, and movements.

The idea for what I like to call, ‘Trancension’s Voicebox’ is simple. Start a conversation. Start another conversation. And another. And another. Link the conversations. Keep the conversations going. Change the way people think, speak and inherently, act. Simple. 

You can JOIN the conversation in #101 ways, by staying connected with EverythingShaquana online and/ or in person. Conversations are going on in the comments section of each post. Reinforced in my email inbox. Validated in the EverythingShaquana comment box below.

They’re being built via Facebook posts and statuses. Being fortified through Instagram photos. Perpetuated through YouTube videos, Soundcloud recordings and LinkedIn forums. So, jump right in! Get wet, wild and witty! JOIN the Movement at #EverythingShaquana. How you ask?

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5 Reasons To JOIN The Movement at #EverythingShaquana

1. Because awesome! (I.e. b/c I said so!)
2. Because wisdom (I.e. it enlightens your mind and brings wisdom)
3. Because ignorance and lacking conversation (I.e. you can learn from it)
4. Because Jesus (I.e. What would Jesus do?)
5. Last of all, because love (I.e. yo’ behind done been on the site umpteen times and still ain’t like a post, share a post or even like my FB page and that ain’t showing love)

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