There’s levels to this EverythingShaquana Movement.  As a wise man once said, “men lie. women lie. numbers don’t.” The numbers speak for themselves. EverythingShaquana’s impact goes back years before its creation, dating to the youth of founder, Shaquana Gardner.

From early published works, featured media highlights, and past community engagement activities, Shaquana Gardner has been doing her thing for some time. The evidence is below, in what we like to call a list of early milestones.

Her successful work for uplifting society continues on today, with her reception of accolades for the EverythingShaquana blog, and the growing status of her sister start up company, Gardner Creative Consulting. The evidence speaks for itself. Check it out below.‘s Milestones:



Gardner Creative Consulting Milestones:

Shaquana Gardner’s Print Milestones:

 Shaquana Gardner’s Verbal Engagement Milestones: